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SACson AB – Chevron Marine Lubricants.

Sales of Chevron Marine Lubricants to international customers mainly located in Sweden,
Finland and Poland are contracted to SACson AB as agent.
SACson AB supplies its customers with Marine Lubricants, marine oils.

SACson AB – Marine Lubricant agent

Taro Ultra Advanced 40. Approved for: MAN Energy Solutions (Category II cylinder oils)

In April 2022, Taro Ultra Advanced 40 became one of the first oil to be granted a ‘no-objection letter’ (NOL) by MAN ES, confirming that it can be used continuously, without the need to switch to high-BN lubes.
This reduces operational complexity for ships’ engineers and removes the need to carry multiple grades of oil.

Development and approval tests of Taro Ultra Advanced 40 took place on vessels with MAN 8G80ME-C9.2 engine burning VLSFO, but Taro Ultra Advanced 40 is also suitable for use with other low-sulphur fuels, such as ULSFO, LNG and methanol.
This versatility is crucial for SIEM car carriers, which will be using the oil in the LNG-fuelled MAN ES 7S60 ME-C GI 12,614kW low-speed engines installed in its 7,500-car capacity sister ships, SIEM Aristotle and SIEM Confucius.

These are deep-sea car and truck carriers equipped with dual-fuel engines, designed to operate on LNG and marine gas oil, which helps provide economic efficient operation.

Sacson AB now have Taro Ultra Advanced for sale

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SACson AB,s Marine Lubricants

SACson AB offer New Innospec fuel product approved.

Octamar Ultra HF

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innospec marine fuel specialties


Offer Chevrons new cylinder oil line – Complete peace of mind.

product overview

Lubrication is the lifeblod of your engine …


… and at SACson AB with Chevron Marine Lubricants we have years of experience developing high performance lubrication oils and support services to keep your vessels running smoothly.


But with vital decisions to make around the IMO fuel sulphur cap, come into force in January 2020, lubrication is the last thing shipowners want to think about.


We have formulated Taro Ultra to provide regulation-ready, tailor made solutions covering every compliant fuel requirement, delivering our customers peace of mind whichever operational route they choose, wherever in the world they are.

Maritime Reporter TV
Chevron’s Taro Ultra Advanced 40 is formulated to help shipowners successfully adopt alternative fuel choices while keeping its machinery clean, as Luc Verbeeke, Chevron Marine Lubricants, explains.

New Innospec fuel product approved
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SACsons stand i June 2022 at Donso shipping meet

SACson participate at DSM2022 (donsö shipping meet)
June 14-15, 2022
(Donsö, Gothenburg, Sweden)


We are an industry leader experienced in developing high performance lubricating oils for multiple fuel applications, with worldwide availability, security of supply and local customer support.
The new Taro® Ultra range benefits from our in-house and cross sector expertise, a rigorous testing program and strong working relationships with major marine OEMs.


Taro Ultra offers a tailored solution covering compliant fuel requirements for the majority of ocean going shipping operators.
The formulations benefit from longstanding field experience with traditional and alternatively fueled vessels, performance analysis from the FAST vessel optimization program and years of combined Chevron technical knowledge.

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SACson AB with Chevron Marine Lubricants are a leading supplier of marine lubricants and coolants worldwide.
Our service is reliable, flexible, innovative and focused on the customer needs.

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