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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

SRI Grease

SRI Grease is a specially formulated grease containing a highly refined paraffinic base oil, synthetic polyurea ashless organic thickener and high-performance rust and oxidation inhibitors, for the lubrication of anti-friction ball, needle and roller bearings operating at speeds up to and above 10,000 rpm, operating at higher temperatures, or where water or salt water may penetrate bearings.

Recommended Uses
SRI Grease can be used in temperatures ranging from –20 to 140°C for continuous service.
However, for short term exposure temperatures should not exceed 150°C.120°C.

Performance Benefits
1. Enhanced Oxidation Stability

Synthetic polyurea thickener is stable at elevated temperatures.
Coupled with a high dropping point, highly refined base oil and anti-oxidant components, this enables extended operation periods at high temperatures.

2. Protects Metal Surfaces

Special rust and corrosion inhibitors provide protection to metal surfaces in wet conditions, even in a salt water environment.
Passes Bearing Rust Test, ASTM D1743- 73 with 5% synthetic sea water.
Good oxidation stability prevents the formation of corrosive oxidation by-products.

3. Superior Resistance to Water Washout

Synthetic polyurea thickener has inherent water resistance.

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