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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Meropa EliteSyn WS

Meropa EliteSyn WS is a synthetic industrial gear lubricant range showing superior performance under demanding operating conditions. It is based on water soluble polyalkylene glycols, thus providing great micro-pitting and EP performance. Furthermore, the product shows good thermal stability and corrosion protection.

Recommended Uses
Meropa EliteSyn WS is an industrial gear oil range applicable with the following different gear designs: helical, bevel helical, planetary and worm gears, and marine gear units. The product is also suitable for the use of different applications, like: fill for life — disposable gearboxes, textile lubricants, chain and conveyor lubricants, kiln and oven lubricants, sliding bearings and roller bearings in high load/EP applications.

Performance Benefits

1. Protects Under Harsh Conditions
Formulated to provide reliable micro-pitting resistance and component protection under demanding conditions.

2. Offers Component Protection
Designed to offer robust EP performance, which aims to improve component protection and system uptime.

3. High Thermal Stability
High thermal stability helps improve oil service life and maintenance intervals, often reducing downtime.

4. Offers Oxidation Protection
Reliable oxidation resistance often offers optimum keepclean system protection.

5. System Reliability
Low sludge and deposit formation helps maintain system reliability.

6. Corrosion Protection
Good corrosion protection assists in keeping maintenance costs down.

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