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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Taro Ultra Advanced 40

Approved for: MAN Energy Solutions (Category II cylinder oils)

Taro® Ultra Advanced 40 is the latest addition to Chevron Marine Lubricants’ range of cylinder oils meeting the highest performance standards.
Taro Ultra Advanced 40 is designed to provide improved marine engine protection over previous generation of low Base Number (BN) formulations.

Recommended uses
Taro Ultra Advanced 40 is recommended for cylinder lubrication of the latest generation large low-speed marine diesel engines equipped with exhaust abatement technologies operating with a range of low and up to zero sulphur fuels including VLSFO, ULSFO, LNG and methanol.
Taro Ultra Advanced 40 should be used in accordance with OEM guidelines and recommendations.

Performance benefits

1. Engine Protection

Designed to keep pistons clean at moderate BN and oil ash level, eliminating the need to alternate with cylinder oils of higher and lower BN to help maintain cleanliness.
Anti- seizure properties help minimize the risk of scuffing and increase thermal stability to minimize the deposit build up. Formulated to prevent ring sticking.
Designed to help protect against corrosive wear for a range of low and zero sulphur fuels including VLSFO, ULSFO, LNG and methanol.

2. Engine Exhaust Cleanliness

Operation with a lower sulfated ash lubricant can help reduce accumulation of oil ash in scavenge space, on exhaust valves, turbocharger and other components in the exhaust system such as economizer and critical exhaust gas after treatment systems as SCR, EGR, DPF.

3. StorageStability

Stable at ambient temperatures and during long-term storage.

4. Compatibility

Miscible and compatible with diesel cylinder lubricants commonly used in the international marine trade.

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