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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Compressor Oil EP VDL 100

Compressor Oil EP VDL 100 is a mineral compressor lubricant, meeting DIN 51506 class VDL specifications and exhibiting high load-carrying capacity and strong aging resistance.
Compressor Oil EP VDL 100 is blended from selected high-quality paraffinic base oils, supported with a well-balanced additive package to provide reliable oxidation resistance, corrosion protection and extreme pressure performance.

Recommended Uses
Compressor Oil EP VDL 100 is recommended for stationary and portable air compressors, operating at compression temperatures up to 220°C, including compressors with oil-lubricated pressure space such as single and multistage reciprocating compressors.
Subject to specific OEM recommendations, Compressor Oil EP VDL 100 can also be applied for compression of dry hydrogen or nitrogen.

Compressor oil EP VDL 100 is not recommended for use in breathing air compressors.

Performance Benefits
1. Efficient, Trouble-free Operation
The high temperature oxidation stability of the product resists oil breakdown at high discharge temperatures.
This contributes to a low carbon deposit formation tendency on valves and pistons in reciprocating compressors, maintaining compressor performance and keeping discharge lines and air vessels clean, even under severe operating conditions.

2. Rust Protection
Effective corrosion inhibition protects against rust caused by moisture entering the system, particularly during shutdown and intermittent operation.

3. Anti-Foam and air release properties
Prevents accumulation of surface foam in the crankcase and guarantees adequate lubrication of the compressor components.

4. Low Evaporation Loss
The oil’s low evaporation rate guarantees minimum consumption.

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