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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Marine Gear oils – SACSon AB offers Chevron Gear Oils:
Clarity Synthetic EA gear oil, Meropa®, Meropa MG, Meropa Synlube WS,
Meropa Synthetic EP 150, Meropa Synthetic WM 320, Meropa WG 460, Pinnacle Marine Gear 220

Clarity Synthetic EA Gear Oil 100

Clarity Synthetic EA Gear Oil 100 is a readily biodegradable high-performance gear oil that meets EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP 2013) requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants.
It is designed to give maximum protection in industrial gear applications on vessels and in environmentally sensitive areas.
Clarity Synthetic EA Gear Oil 100 is formulated with synthetic base stock and an ashless, zinc-free additive system that can provide good oxidation stability, water separability, foam suppression, and protection against wear, rust and corrosion.
It is a high VI synthetic product which allows for operation over a wide temperature range.

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Meropa Gear Oil

Meropa lubricants are premium-quality gear lubricants that have been specially developed to meet the demanding loadcarrying requirements of gear manufacturers.
Meropa lubricants are manufactured from high-quality base oils and have low pour points. They contain an additive combination that enhances oiliness, extreme pressure, and anti-wear properties.
Meropa lubricants have a high oxidation, thermal, and hydrolytic stability, good water-separating characteristics, good air release and anti-foam properties, which helps to protect against metal corrosion and rusting.

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Meropa MG

Meropa MG gear oils are premium high-performance gear oils, offering long lubricant life, corrosion protection, good wear protection with high load carrying capacity and robust micro-pitting wear protection.
They are designed for use in industrial and marine clutched gear systems, where extreme load and shock load protection is required.

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Meropa EliteSyn WS

Meropa EliteSyn WS is a synthetic industrial gear lubricant range showing superior performance under demanding operating conditions.
It is based on water soluble polyalkylene glycols, thus providing great micro-pitting and EP performance. Furthermore, the product shows good thermal stability and corrosion protection.

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Meropa Synthetic EP 150

Meropa Synthetic EP 150 is a premium performance, synthetic EP gear oil and circulating oil designed for use in a wide range of industrial equipment operating under severe conditions, such as heavy and/or shock loading and elevated temperatures, where short service life with conventional lubricants can be expected. It is formulated with a combination of poly-alphaolefin and synthetic ester base fluids as well as selected additives to provide good EP performance and wear protection, increased thermal/oxidation stability and protection against corrosion and rust.

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Meropa Synthetic WM 320

Meropa Synthetic WM 320 is formulated with synthetic hydrocarbons and a reliable sulphur-phosphorus Extreme Pressure additive package which is designed to minimize wear of enclosed industrial gears operated under heavy loads and shock conditions.
It provides good foam resistance and water separating characteristics which make it ideal for circulating systems with incidental water contamination.
The non-corrosive formula aims to protect gear and bear materials such as steel, copper, bronze, babbitt or cadmium-nickel.
Meropa Synthetic WM 320 has good oxidative and thermal stability for long service life. The naturally high VI and low pour point provide improved performance and lower viscous drag losses at low operating temperatures compared to conventional industrial gear oils.
It has been specially designed to provide high micropitting protection.

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Meropa WG 460

Meropa WG 460 is a proven performance, high viscosity industrial gear and steam cylinder oil, with low carbon residue, compounded with selected fatty oils and combined with rust and foam inhibitors.
It is formulated for steam cylinder and valve lubrication, where the steam is wet or of poor quality.

Meropa WG 460 is recommended for use on heavily loaded industrial worm gear sets, low speed heavily loaded spur and helical gears, low speed or high temperature bearings and steam cylinder and valve lubrication where the seam is wet or of poor quality (see service consideration below).

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Pinnacle Marine Gear 220

Pinnacle Marine Gear 220 is a fully formulated, quality synthetic gear lubricant based on a mixture of polyalphaolefins and diesters.
It offers oxidation stability at elevated temperatures, extended oil drain life and good wear protection.

Pinnacle Marine Gear 220 is recommended not only for lubricating plain and roller bearings, but also open and closed gears at high temperatures.
It can be applied by bath, splash or circulation systems, and is specially targeted for the lubrication of purifier gears and reduction gears.

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