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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent


Texclad® is a high performance calcium grease that contains adhesive open gear grease based on a water-stabilized calcium thickener and high viscosity mineral oils.
It contains graphite and molybdenum disulfide additives to offer reliable protection in heavy duty operations.
The formula is a smooth and buttery texture and is black in colour.

Recommended Uses
Texclad is recommended for use on open gears, wire ropes and general grease points of deck equipment.
Texclad can be used in cases where the use of bitumen is an environmental problem.
It is formulated with a high-viscosity base oil and solid lubricants to provide excellent lubrication in heavy-duty operations. 

Texclad Meets The Requirements Of:

DIN 51502 MF 2 C-10

DIN 51502 KF 2 C-10

ISO 6743-9 L-XAAIB 2

Texclad can be used continuously in temperatures ranging –10 to 60°C.

Performance Benefits
1. Effective Water Resistance

Good adhesive properties and effective resistance to water wash out minimize loss of lubricant in service.

2. Protect Metal Surfaces

High load-carrying capacity and anti-wear additives extend gear tooth life in heavy duty service.
Resistance to flaking at low temperatures maintains surface protection.

3. Solid Film Protection

Graphite and molybdenum disulfide provide solid-film protection in event of loss or degradation of the fluid lubricant.

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