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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Hydraulic Oil 5606

Hydraulic Oil 5606 is a high performance general purpose red-dyed hydraulic oil specially developed for a range of general purpose severe service industrial applications.
It has a mineral base oil formulation with a robust additive system offering good low temperature fluidity; robust wear protection, oxidation and corrosion resistance with dependable shear stability.
Hydraulic Oil 5606 contains a passivator and offers good anti-foam performance, making it suitable for a range of general purpose industrial hydraulic applications.

Recommended Uses
Hydraulic Oil 5606 is formulated for use in systems where clean oil is required; for example, in autopilots and robotics. It can used under a variety of weather conditions.
Additionally, it can be used in severe operation conditions over a broad temperature range and is especially suitable for low temperature applications.

Hydraulic oil 5606 should not be used in systems where natural rubber elastomers are present.

Performance Benefits
1. High Viscosity Index
Designed with a high viscosity index (VI) to offer flexibility of use across a wide range of environmental and operating temperatures.

2. General Purpose Use
Specially developed for flexible general-purpose use, across a range of severe industrial applications, reducing inventory costs.

3. Low Operating Temperatures
Offers reliable fluidity and system protection in low environmental and operating temperatures, and as system start-up.

4. Wear and Corrosion Protection
Formulated for protection against system wear, corrosion and oxidation, helping reduce downtime.

5. Seal and Paint Flexibility
Can be used with a combination with generally available seals and paints, helping improve service uptimes.

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