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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Coupling Grease

Coupling Grease is a dark brown, tacky lithium grease specifically designed for lubrication of industrial flexible couplings. Formulated with a special polymer thickener, EP additives and corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
The rotating action of a coupling has a centrifuge effect on the grease inside. If the lubricant used is a general-purpose grease in which the thickener is of higher density than the oil, the thickener and the oil may separate.

This phenomenon is quite different from oil separation caused by ‘bleeding’ of the oil out of the grease. ‘Bleeding’ takes place slowly and involves only a portion of the oil in the grease.
Centrifugal separation can be very rapid and result in substantial separation of oil and thickener.
One problem with separation of the oil and thickener is that the oil will tend to leak out of the coupling.
A much greater problem however, is that the thickener which is separated out is moved by centrifugal force to the outer part of the grease reservoir against the torque transmission elements (e.g., the gear teeth in a geared flexible coupling).

The thickener coats the transmission elements and keeps the oil component of the grease from lubricating them. This situation worsens with frequent relubrication and leads to component wear. Coupling Grease is manufactured using a special thickener system which is exceptionally resistant to separation from the oil.
As a result, Coupling Grease can resist separation, even under the high centrifugal forces encountered in couplings. This ensures reliable coupling lubrication over long periods, even during high speed operation.

Recommended Uses
Correct application of the lubricant is crucial to successful operation of flexible couplings. Due to its tacky nature, Coupling Grease should be packed by hand into newly installed couplings to ensure complete coating of all moving elements. After assembly, and at relubrication, the coupling should be filled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
Operating temperature : –10°C to 120°C with temperature peaks up to 160°C

Performance Benefits
1. Maintains Continuous Lubrication
Lithium/polymer thickener system effectively resists oil separation and maintains continuous lubrication of coupling elements under conditions of high speed and high centrifugal force.

2. Protects Metal Surfaces
High viscosity base fluids and EP additives provide reliable film strength and help protect contacting surfaces, minimizing wear under heavy and/or shock loads, or where shaft misalignment may be high.

3. Enhances Service Life
Superior resistance to oil separation and oxidation allows extended relubrication intervals relative to conventional greases.

4. Improves Equipment Life
Effective rust and corrosion inhibitors help protect coupling components in wet conditions.

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