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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Pinnacle Marine Gear 220

Pinnacle Marine Gear 220 is a fully formulated, quality synthetic gear lubricant based on a mixture of polyalphaolefins and diesters.
It offers oxidation stability at elevated temperatures, extended oil drain life and good wear protection.

Recommended Uses
Pinnacle Marine Gear 220 is recommended not only for lubricating plain and roller bearings, but also open and closed gears at high temperatures.
It can be applied by bath, splash or circulation systems, and is specially targeted for the lubrication of purifier gears and reduction gears.

Performance Benefits
1. Thermal and Oxidation Stability
Synthetic hydrocarbon base oils help to provide oxidation and thermal stability.

2. Bearing and Gear Protection
Bearing and gear protection combined with good copper compatibility at elevated temperatures were shown in the FZG test.
Helps to protect against the formation of micropitting as a result of fatigue stress, as tested in the FZG grey staining test.

3. Compatibility
Compatible with most mineral oil-based EP and R&O gear lubricants, as well as with most PAO-based synthetic EP and R&O gear lubricants.

4. Low Friction
Unique low friction coefficient promotes improved gear efficiency, energy savings, less friction, less wear, and lower operating temperatures compared to conventional mineral oils.

5. Extended Drain Intervals
Aims to provide longer lubricant life, less maintenance costs, and less used oil disposal.

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