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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Novatex EP 2

Novatex® EP 2 is a proven performance water resistant extreme pressure calcium-12-hydroxystearate grease, formulated in combination with a high viscosity mineral base oil. It offers protection through robust extreme pressure, anti-wear and anticorrosion additives, with calcium soap to assist in reliable water resistance.

Recommended Uses
Novatex EP 2 is specifically recommended for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings of steel and paper mill equipment, which operate at temperatures up to 120°C. Use at temperatures above 120°C are not recommended because beyond the specified maximum temperature Novatex EP 2 does not reconstitute on cooling. However, Novatex EP 2 is also recommended for other industrial applications where an extreme pressure grease having robust water resistance is required. It is particularly good under heavy water-washing conditions where extreme pressure properties must be maintained.

Operating temperature : –30°C up to 110°C, with relubrication up to 120°C.

Performance Benefits

1. Protects Metal Surfaces
The effective EP additive helps protect against component wear under high load conditions. Rust and corrosion inhibitors help protect metal surfaces.

2. Resist Oxidation
Formulated with antioxidants to resist oxidation and enhance grease service life.

3. Robust Water Resistance
Good adhesive properties and effective resistance to water wash out minimize loss of lubricant in service.

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