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Fast Services

SACson AB, as a Chevron Marine Lubricant’s agent, offers our customers Chevron’s Fast Services.

Our range of services provide the tools and technical support to optimizie the efficiency of your engine – FAST.

Fluid analysis from FAST

SACson AB, as a Chevron Marine Lubricant’s agent, points out that our service doesn’t stop when our products are delivered.
SACson AB offers our customers Chevron’s Fast Services, such as FAST Fluid Analysis, DOT.FAST Onboard, Drip Oil Analyzer, FAST OnBoard.

Optimize Engine Efficiency.

A dedicated team of marine industry experts follows through with predictive measures, needs analysis, and customizable solutions to help you lower operational costs while maximizing equipment uptime.

Regular maintenance extends the operational life of your critical assets.
This doesn’t just save you money, it means your operations become more reliable as well.
We have developed our innovative FAST™ and DOT.FAST® services, to enable you to take action before problems occur.

FAST™ Fluid Analysis

SACson AB, as a Chevron Marine Lubricant’s agent, offers our customers Chevron’s FAST™ Fluid Analysis

Fast turnaround and a multi-featured internet database give you quick and easy access to critical information, helping you maximize engine life and achieve maximum time between overhauls.
You can receive user-friendly reports of routine lubricant samples within 8 to 24 hours.

dot fast-onboard

DOT.FAST® Onboard Drip Oil Analyzer

SACson AB, as a Chevron Marine Lubricant’s agent, offers our customers Chevron’s DOT.FAST® Onboard Drip Oil Analyzer

DOT.FAST helps you manage lubricant usage effectively. The onboard component of our oil analysis program provides a fast and accurate way to maximize engine efficiency. DOT.FAST gives you the ability to optimize cylinder oil consumption as fuel oil quality varies, and minimize wear by changing the base number.

shippings instructions for fast
sample guide for sending oil testing samples and shipping instructions

Dear valued Customer

As a result of new transport regulations and incomplete documentation, we have observed delays and losses of oil samples sent to our laboratory for FAST™ oil condition monitoring services.
See below guidance for oil samples preparation and shipping.

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