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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent

Delo® 710 LE SAE 20W-40

Delo® 710 LE SAE 20W-40 is an industry leading, ultra-high-performance diesel engine oil for use in EMD and GE engines in railroad, marine and power generation applications.
It is formulated specifically for engines using Low Sulphur and Ultra Low Sulphur Fuels and new low emission engines.

Delo 710 LE SAE 20W-40 uses premium quality base oils that are very pure, with extremely low levels of sulphur, nitrogen and aromatics to enhance oxidation resistance.
It employs newly developed dispersants, detergents and oxidation inhibitors to promote outstanding oil life and minimal ash content.

Recommended Uses
Delo 710 LE SAE 20W-40 is recommended for diesel engines using Low Sulphur and Ultra Low Sulphur Fuels; with or without exhaust after treatment, where Zn-free oils are required in applications such as Railroad, Marine, Offshore Drilling and Production, Stationary Power Generation.
Sporadic use in combination with high sulphur fuel is only allowed when a strong used oil analysis program is possible. Close monitoring of the base number is essential.

Performance Benefits

1. Good Oxidation Stability
Good oxidation stability, soot dispersancy and base retention for long oil life with newly designed low consumption power assemblies

2. Promotes Oil Consumption Reduction
SAE 20W-40 helps provide a 15–25% oil consumption reduction versus single grade engine oils.

3. Offers Protection Against Wearing
Designed to offer high performance wear protection in railroad, marine and power generation applications, helping reduce costs.

4. Promotes Engine Cleanliness
Advanced keep-clean formulation promotes optimum engine cleanliness with reduced maintenance downtime.

5. Reduces Deposits
Helps reduce exhaust system and turbocharger deposits, contributing to increased uptime and system efficiency.

6. Zinc Free
Zinc free, non-chlorinated.

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