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SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent
SACson AB - Chevron Marine Lubricants agent


SACson AB – At Work as a new Chevron Marine Lubricants agent.

July 1 – SACson AB operative business as Chevron Marine Lubricants agent in selected parts of Europe.

SACson AB is the operative business Chevron Marine Lubricants agent in Sweden, Finland and Poland




My name is Sten Carlsson, founder of SACson AB,
I have long experience from the Marine industry, working on ships, shipyards, training centers and administrations (IMO).

The last decades I’ve been employed by Chevron (Texaco) mainly dealing with sales and deliveries of Marine Lubricants, Marine Fuels and Aviation Fuels.

From July 2015 the sales of Marine Lubricants to international customers mainly located in Sweden, Finland and Poland have been contracted to SACson AB. I will continue acting as the Chevron contact in the same way as before.

The only change you will experience is that Lubricant orders handling will be handled by SACson AB office in Sweden instead of Chevron UK.

Me and Chevron Marine Sales believe that this change should create an opportunity to grow the customer service as SACson AB are free to add more people to the local organization in same time all Chevron resources still stands behind ready to assist.

New customers, please visit the page Marine Lubricants, where you can explore/learn more about our products.

Are you one of my clients, you can directly go to the page Contact to order the products you want.

Very Welcome to SACson AB,
Sten A Carlsson